Question: What is a Recall?

Answer: A Recall is the process for which citizens of the District of Columbia can remove an elected official from office.

Question: How does a Recall work?

Answer: A Recall is a multistep process that starts with a Recall Statement that outlines why the elected official should be removed from office, this statement, once approved by the Board of Elections, is then placed on a special circulating petition. Then registered voters have 180 days to sign the circulating petition, and if 10% of the registered voters sign the petition, there will be a special election that asks voters if they want to keep the elected official in office or remove them from office. If the majority of voters choose to remove the elected official from office, they will be Recalled.

Question: How many signatures are needed to Recall a Ward-level Councilmember? 

Answer: The petitioners need to collect signatures of 10% of the registered voters in the Ward.

Question: How many registered voters are there in Ward 2?

Answer: Based on the DC Board of Elections February 28 tally, Ward 2 currently has 51,590 registered voters.  Therefore, the Recall campaign needs to collect 5,159 signatures from Ward 2 voters.

Question: Where can I find the rules around the District of Columbia’s Recall process?

Answer: The DC Municipal Regulations concerning the recall of elected officials can be found Title 3, Chapter 11.

Question: Where is Ward 2 in Washington, DC?

Answer: The map below shows the boundaries of Ward 2. Click on it to see a larger version: