Sign The Petition!

Petitions Due November 18, 2019!

While we wish the DC Board of Elections allowed citizens to sign the recall petition on their computers, we are required by law to have the petitions signed in person. We know many Ward 2 voter lead very busy lives, so let us come to YOU!

On May 20, 2019, the DC Board of Elections issued the official circulating petition for the campaign. We have until November 18, 2019 to collect signatures of 10% of the registered voters in Ward 2 (approximately 5,000 valid signatures). You might have seen petition circulators at busy areas around Ward 2 collecting signatures over the summer. You may have answered the door to a campaign volunteer seeking your signature last weekend. By signing the recall petition you are notifying the DC Board of Elections of your support for a special election where voters like yourself will have the opportunity to remove embattled Councilmember Jack Evans from the DC Council.

There has never been a DC Councilmember recalled from office. Help make history by signing the petition!

Please sign up to volunteer with the recall campaign or if you don’t have time, please donate!