Recall Statement

DC Councilmember Jack Evans behaves as if there is no legal or ethical distinction between being an elected representative and pursuing his own financial self-interest. That is why he must be removed from office.

Evans has brazenly sought work with companies that seek to influence the DC government or Metro, whose board he chairs. He has peddled his expertise at swaying his fellow Councilmembers or Metro board members for many years. According to documents uncovered by the Washington Post, he has corrupted his office by using his DC Council staff to solicit paid work.

These solicitations, clearly unethical and possibly illegal, have drawn the attention of a federal grand jury. The investigations into Evans’s deplorable actions should continue, but his constituents do not need to wait for the results. We must remove him from the DC Council to ensure his conflict of interests do not continue to harm District residents.

Finally, Evans has voted to repeal voter initiatives, parks his car illegally as a matter of right, and voted against campaign finance reforms that may restrict his shenanigans.

By signing this petition you are seeking to have a special election to remove Jack Evans from office.

This Recall Statement was submitted to the DC Board of Elections on Friday, April 12, 2019